Theo by Riley Edwards

Silver Team has arrived.

POV: Dual 1st Person
Put out percentage: 67%
Tropes: Second Chance; Heroine in Danger; Instant Connection; Found Family; Slow Burn
Series: Silver Team Book 1
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Release Date: July 27, 2023
Is there a 3rd act break up: No

Theo has been an anxious wait and it was worth it. We met Theo in Kevin book four of Blue Team. *You do NOT need to read Blue Team prior to this story.* When we met the team that will make up silver, there was a lot of mystery and intrigue that surrounds them. We know going in to their stories that they will have baggage, but usually in the best way.

Bridget Keller is a woman on the run.

Bridget is a character that we also met in the periphery because the team was in charge of protecting her while she was a witness in a trial. There were small but few details surrounding it but just that there was more than meets the eye between her interactions with Theo. She is in WITSEC, but is found and almost killed. So she goes to the one person she knows that she can trust.

Theo regrets ever letting Bridget walk away.

Theo realizes that he fell in love with Bridget when they spent hours together when he was guarding her. But he didn’t stand in the way when she had to go into hiding for the rest of her life. But unfortunately… they meet again and not under the best circumstances. What follows is the typical antics of a Z-corp book. There is humor and intrigue. Love and heartbreak. And soliloquies like no other. I will give to much away. Just know that these are two intriguing characters that know the foundation in which they created in a few shorts months, will stand the test of time and space.

Riley Edwards knocks it out of the park again with these two, and the blending of past series with this one works seemlessly.

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