More Than A Threat 3 Book Series by Kennedy L. Mitchell

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 3/5
Trope: Suspense; Bodyguard
Series: More Than A Threat
POV: Single 1st person POV

So when I sat down to review these books, I decided since I read them all in a row as one large novel instead of a three part trilogy, then I would review them as such. I discovered Kennedy L Mitchell with her protection series, and let me tell you. If you haven’t read that series, then you need to go and do it right now. But I digress…this More Than Series when read together in all three parts is a well thought out trilogy of chaos in a sense. Kate is a doctor with a very prominent father in Dallas. He is working on a case that leads to Kate being threatened. This leads to her meeting Casey Weston. From the first moment these two meet, you know that they are in for life. However, there are so many ciructmstatnces working against them for the longest time in book one. In book one, Kate is struggling with her attraction to Weston and dealing with a sort of relaationhipship with a co-worker.

Typically when I am reading a story, I abhore having main characters have any sort of on page relations with another side character, but the way this is done doesn’t bother me. Because there is not triangle. There is attraction, but neither Weston nor Kate make any attempts to act on their feelings. There are moments that I wish didn’t happen because of the vulnerability that Kate shows, but I won’t get into details about how I feel those were taken advantage of. He gets his though.

Once these two make the first step, they are all in. Granted there is a to of hurt and issues that surround these two, and it takes a long time for them to work through. There are a lot of working cogs throughout all three books, but they work well. I enjoyed each storyline that wraps up nicely per book. But there is a sort of arching storyline between book 2 and 3. However, if you don’t read one and two, you won’t be lost in three. There are mentions of things that happen in previous books, but there is no confusion attached. I love the suspense that is attached to these stories. I enjoy the fact that Kate really comes into herself and who she ie because of Casey, but not needing him at the same time. She has always been this strong independent person, but Casey Weston ALLOWS her to be that person. He doesn’t stifle her needs and wants. He encourages, and even instigates. He is a strong alpha with protective tendencies that I really enjoy in a hero in a book of this caliber.

As for Casey himself. He is closed off, and a big part of that is his upbringing and experiences. And my biggest gripe about this book is the fact that all three books are ENTIRELY from Kate’s 1st person perspective. I wanted more Casey Weston. When he is on the page, not matter who else is on the page with him, you get a really good idea and understand of who he is, and how he thinks. But you do not get any of is inner thoughts, and feelings. I left this series disappointed in that. He is such a STRONG character and I wanted to hear his thoughts, I wanted to see his side of things where Kate is concerned. I want to see what he did and how he acted during their separations. I wanted to see him interact with his friend without Kate around. I wanted to see him with Anne without Kate in the mix. This would have been a hands down 5 star review if I got that perspective. And truly because of this single perspective I really debated between a 3 and a 4 star. However, series over all received a 4 because I loved the storylines of each book. If you haven’t given Kennedy L. Mitchell a read. You should. You will not be disappointed.