Advance by Bounds by Jemma Westbrook

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 1/5
Trope: suspense; military romance; alpha hero; shy heroine
Series: Alaskan Security Team Rouge Book 6

Welcome back Alaska!! Rico and Lennie bring us back in touch with Alaskan Security-Team Rouge in this newest edition to the series. The fall out from book 5 has been leaving the entire group reeling and starting to settle in, but of course nothing lasts for long. Lennie and Rico have been circling each other since Lennie got to Alaska, and when they take a trip to Ohio to close down the office of the company that many of the women worked for things move forward speedily and steamily. It is amazing to watch these women who have so much strength inside of them but haven’t had anyone to support an allow those strengths to come out. We saw it with Mona thought the first 5 books, and by her and Pierce’s book she shines with the power that she always had inside of her. Rico does the same for Lennie. he doesn’t change her, he allows her to enhance the parts of herself that she left hidden. Rico is a dirty talking alpha that knows that once he has Lennie there is no going back. Of course it wouldn’t be Team Rouge with a little bit of Chaos surrounding them. And of course the amazing cast of characters that surround this group. Jemma Westbrook gives us another great addition to this series, and I can’t wait for more!

You do not need to read Book 1-5 to read and understand book 6, but you will understand then dynamics of the team better if you do.