Longtime Crush by Carrie Ann Ryan

Longtime Crush by Carrie Ann Ryan falls into the Friendship, Family and Cheese are the mantra of the Montgomery Family Books.   

Sebastian’s long-awaited tale unfolds, but not without confronting the painful wounds of his heartbreaking past. Once that band aid is ripped off, however, the narrative takes a turn for the better as his spirited and enchanting daughter, Nora, bursts onto the scene, stealing hearts effortlessly. Trust me, her adorable sassiness is simply irresistible. 

As Sebastian’s life finally finds a tranquil pace, an unexpected blast from the past, Raven, storms back into his world, shattering the peace and igniting a whirlwind of emotions. Their tentative reconnection and the subsequent rediscovery of each other’s essence form the captivating core of this narrative. Naturally, in true Montgomery fashion, the story is adorned with the signature ingredients of family eccentricities, infectious laughter, and a sprinkle of cheesy goodness, all seamlessly intertwined. 

At the core of this tale beats the profound bond forged between Sebastian and Nora, an unbreakable connection that solidifies them as an inseparable family unit. However, when an unexpected opportunity arises for someone new to enter their lives after years of solitude, Sebastian is thrust into a challenging crossroad. Overwhelmed by uncertainty, he finds himself grappling with his own desires and fears. The presence of Raven forces him to reevaluate his deeply ingrained beliefs about life in the aftermath of the devastating tragedy he endured, leaving him questioning everything he once thought he knew. 

Their love story becomes one for the ages—a tale of resilience through life’s tumultuous twists and turns. Despite the ups and downs they face, they manage to navigate the challenges and emerge stronger than ever before. Witnessing their growth and evolution is truly captivating. Sebastian’s happily ever after finally arrives, and it is a reward well-deserved. 

There is a small piece in the last 20% of the book that is the catalyst for the couple to reaffirm their connection to each other and it feels misplaced. I  kind of threw off the rhythm on the story.  There was no lead up to this added piece it kind of comes through the door and smacks you in the face. It was resolved quickly, just not sure it fit or made sense.   

I wholeheartedly recommend this book, as it skillfully weaves a story of love, loss, and the profound strength of the human spirit. Prepare to be captivated by Sebastian’s journey and the enchanting characters that surround him. 

Book Stats:
Ratings: 4/5
Series: Montgomery Ink Legacy Book 3
Series of Standalones
Tropes: Single Dad, Childhood friends, neighbors, friends to lovers, bakery, food romance, pierced hero,

I received a copy of the books in exchange for an honest review