Review: Maybe We Will by Melissa Foster

Rating: 5/5
Trope: Instant connection, small town, billionaire romance, opposites attract,
Series: Silver Harbor Book 1.
Angst: 2

This is a story that will capture you from the start.  An Instant connection that leads to a love for the ages. Aiden and Abby are some of the most genuine and engaging characters I have read in a very long time.

I love how Aiden is truly a caregiver.  He loves and cares deeply for those that matter to him.  His sense of responsibility I think was ingrained in him from early on in his life.  Even with the loss of his parents and caring for his younger sister is just continued and became who he is.  Aiden is a wealthy guy who is into finance and investments, and a real-life workaholic.

Abby is such a wonderful character, who hasn’t had an easy time in life. Abby is a fighter.  Her Dreams matter to her.  She wants to be her own person. Because of the hardships in her upbringing, it has caused her to rely only on herself.  While she wears her heart on her sleeve she does not trust easily.  Abby is someone you get one chance with.

Abby goes back to Silver Island after her mom has passed away.

Aiden is in Silver Island on a holiday because his sister insisted, he should take some time for himself and stop living for work.

They meet as a coincidence outside Abby’s father’s restaurant, and from then on, all the missing pieces start making sense, as if all this were meant to be from the start.

This book is the story of two people who likely would never have met if it happened by chance. Their journey is so natural and easy.  Things for them just click.  It is as if their souls brough them together. 

Maybe We Will is a true love story for the ages.  If ever there were two souls that were meant to be it is Abby and Aiden. This story had my breath catching and my heart just full of love.