The Bodyguard by Anna Hackett

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 2/5
Trope: suspense; protector romance; alpha hero
Series: Norcross Security Book 4

Anna Hackett is a must read for me. And I devour her books the moment they drop onto my kindle. She has this ability to right an alpha hero that is intense and emotionally sound at the same time. They have this possessiveness that read natural, but you know they will stop at nothing once they make their move. Rome meet Sofie when he originally worked for her family, and the idea he got from here isn’t quite who she is. He had an instant connection and attraction to her, but he has been fighting it in all the ways possible. These two are perfect for each other, and Sofie is not just some high-class snobby princess, but a well rounded strong heroine that shows us even a princess has a tough side. My one gripe about this book was the back and forth of Rome. He wavered a little more than I would have liked, but at least once he decided he was in…he was ALL IN! We get those moments of suspense, that are mixed in well with the steamy. There are little nuggets of what’s to come in the next books for Hackett and we get glimpses into the couples from past Norcross books as well as cameos from other series. The Bodyguard is an excellent use of your reading time.