Review: Wet and Reckless by Samanthe Beck

Rating 5/5
Steam 4/5
Trope: Small town, opposites attract, first responder, instant connection, a past,
Angst: 2
Series: Private Pleasure (Series of Standalones.)
POV: 3rd person

Wanderlust and a free spirit meets law and order. 
This trope is as good as Grumpy meet sunshine.  The opposites of Roxy and West made for almost instant chemistry and connection between them. 

West is a caretaker.  It is just part of makeup.  He is a guy who you can lean on and call on. He is a steady figure.  But when he meets the whirlwind of a wisp known as Roxy his desire for calm is shaken.  He is attracted to the pixie of a woman who is ok living in the moment free of roots and long-term plans.  West knows almost from the beginning that Roxy has the possibility to break his heart.   

Roxy has been raised by parents who lived their life on the road.  Escaping their small town start to be free and follower their music.  Roxy returns to small town Bluelick to try and connect with her maternal grandmother the last member of her family to learn that she died 6 months previous.  Roxy stays in Bluelick to learn a little of the place her mama was raised but to save some money before moving on to the next thing.  Roxy’s life has been anything but easy.  She has a past and knows her limits and she know that no matter how much she loves Bluelick her past is going to catch up to her and she needs to move on quickly.  

Roxy is one of those characters you instantly connect with you.  You can just feel the pain she has suffered. The loss of her parents.  The fact that she has no roots, no safe place to fall.  You just want to reach through the pages and give her that safe place.   Roxy doesn’t realize it but she needs that safe place.  And West might just be that safe place for her she can let go of her own insecurities.  The entire span of the book Roxy isn’t only protecting her heart but also West’s.  She knows she can’t stay and nothing good will come if she tries. 

The book is written in 3rd person and I really wanted inside West’s head.  We got some small glimpses of things he was thinking but I wanted more!  So much more! 

This books bring some big feels with some great steamy and spicy connection.  I really do love the small-town comradery.  I am curious at the underlying mystery that is popping up and I can not wait of the next book.  Samanthe Beck is a newer to me author, but I will be recommending this series to everyone who will listen. So this is your book if you like a sexy alpha hero who is brought to his knees by a wisp of a girl with a past she is running from.  This should be your next read.