Tainted by Riley Edwards

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Friends to Lovers; Found Family; Security Force; Cowgirl; Spin-off Series
POV: Dual 1st Person
Series: Triple Canopy Book 5

When I click into a Riley Edward books I know 3 things. I am going to get an alpha hero that might fight the feelings he has for his heroine, but once he decides he is in…he is ALL IN. I know I am going to get an amazingly strong heroine that gives their hero a run for their money, no matter the issues that may plague them. I am going to get a story that leaves me wishing I had waited until the entire series was in print before I read it, because the tease for the next story is wonderful and intoxicating.

Chelsea and Matt are no different, these two fight against themselves more than anything, but you feel their intensity off the page. Matt’s life has been thrown into disarray because of truths about his family. Chelsea is fighting for acceptance from a source that she will never get it. My heart broke and healed over and over again through this book. But I trust Riley Edwards with her words and her characters to give me exactly what I want and need. There are moments you want to deck both characters and occasionally a supporting character, but they always make up for in the end.

This story is perfectly executed, and well developed. You do not need to read the entire series because this book stands strongly on its own, but you should because you are missing out on some amazing bodies of work if you don’t.