December 2021 Anticipated Releases

December is the month of surprise releases and wrapping up the year. 2021 has been a year of ups and downs in reading for us. We are super excited about the following upcoming releases. Some of our standard favorite authors, new found authors and new series are sprinkled through out the whole month of December. You can find some of our favorite tropes and holiday romances also in the releases.

Stone Cold Notes by Julia Wolf Releasing December 2

They called him Stone Cold. Once upon a time, I called him my pen pal.
When I wrote to Callum Rose five years ago, I never expected a response. He was an up and coming rock star, afterall, and I was just a shy seventeen-year-old. He did write back though, and through hundreds of emails, we became best friends.
Until the day we unknowingly broke each other’s heart.
It’s been three years since our last email. I’m all grown up with a new job at Good Music, and finally have my act together. But then Callum Rose walks in the door, and I’m instantly thrown back to the days when he meant everything to me.
The thing is…he doesn’t know who I am. He’s never seen my face. And this Callum Rose lives up to his stone cold reputation.
That is, until one night, he sees me in another man’s arms, and decides to claim me. Then there is nothing cold about him.
Callum becomes a man on fire for me, introverted, awkward, chubby Wren Anderson. He’s obsessive, possessive, and kind of stalker-y—and I like it…a little too much. The problem is, he still doesn’t know I’m the girl who walked away from him or the reason behind it, and I’m afraid when he finds out, I’ll be right back in the cold again.

Scheming Hearts by Ivy Layne Releasing December 6

I don’t want to lie to him. I really don’t.
First of all, he’s hot. Really hot. I know I swore off gorgeous men for the rest of eternity, but Tenn Sawyer has me questioning all of my choices. At least, any choices that mean I can’t have him.
Second, he isn’t just hot, Tenn is bossy and domineering and patient and his smile makes my panties melt. And that was all before he kidnapped me.
After… I have no reason to trust him. There’s too much at risk to follow my gut. One mistake and I’ll lose everything.
But with Tenn, I can’t seem to help myself.

I knew she was trouble the second I lay eyes on her. Okay, it took me two minutes to figure it out. At first all I saw was a gorgeous woman I needed to get to know. Preferably naked.
Five minutes later, everything changed. Scarlett isn’t just a woman I want, suddenly she’s my lifeline, the only thing keeping me from a murder charge. And if that isn’t complicated enough, every other word out of her mouth is a lie.
She needs my help. She won’t trust me enough to ask. Every moment we’re together binds us until I can’t imagine not having her, even with all of her lies between us.
When she finally comes clean, and I understand what’s at stake, I’m not worried about going to jail. I’m too busy trying to keep us alive.
Scheming Heart is a standalone romance with a happy ending. It’s third in The Hearts of Sawyers Bend series, featuring the Sawyer family of Sawyers Bend.

Accidentally in Love by Danica Flynn Releasing December 7

At thirty-five and single, I’m tired of the dating game. Tired of men who look at me and say, “You’d be prettier if you shed a few pounds.”
There’s only one man I want a future with — my grouchy friends with benefits, Nolan. But he’s adamant about keeping things casual.
All that changes when one night we get careless, and those pink lines show up on the pregnancy test months later.
Nolan wants to do right by me. He wants to give me what I’ve been searching for, but I’m pretty sure he’s only doing it out of obligation. It’s not like the bearded brewmaster loves me like I love him.
Accidentally in Love is a small-town accidental pregnant holiday romance featuring a burly bearded brewmaster and an hopeless romantic high school english teacher.

Breathless by Elise Faber releasing December 7

Professional hockey players weren’t supposed to get their hearts broken.
But that’s precisely what happened to Marcel Aubert, forward for the Breakers. He’d fallen hard for his ex, and then she’d cheated on him with a truly reprehensible teammate.
Because she’d been bored. Of him. Not life. She’d made that fact crystal clear.
So Marcel had moved on . . . if remaining single and losing himself in books when he wasn’t on the ice was moving on.
Until he met Prudence Hansley. She was, quite literally, the most imprudent person he’d ever had the privilege of knowing. A total daredevil, she’d jumped out of planes, had hiked into a volcano, spent time in a shark cage.
She was . . . terrifying.
And wonderful. And somehow, she liked him. Boring Marcel.
But when she dared him to take another chance on love, would he find the courage to leap?

Security Detail by Evan Grace releasing December 7

I was only supposed to train with her and keep her safe, but one look at Becca “The Beast” McNeal and I knew there was something different about her. She doesn’t like me joining her team, not until I prove to her that I’m an asset to the team and am committed to keeping her safe.
Once I get to really know her, I quickly learn that she’s a fighter in more ways than one. The girl has demons and the closer we get, the more I want to slay them for her.
Becca makes me want things I never wanted, and I don’t know how to deal with it. I’ve always loved the ladies and they’ve always loved me, but commitment wasn’t my thing—not until her.
Dalton Buckley is the most infuriating man I’ve ever met. He thinks he can replace my sparring partner, not a chance, but then there is something about him and I can see he’s committed to helping me succeed. I’ve also learned that he’s sweet, good with kids, and treats all the women in his life with such care—something I’ve never had.
As things between us become serious, blasts from my past try to tear us apart, but one thing I’ve learned about Dalton is that he’s fiercely protective about the people in his life and he won’t stop until any threat made against me is neutralized.
One security detail and our lives are changed forever.

Western Waves by Brittainy Cherry Releasing December 9

They called him the grave digger—the man who dug up the darkest secrets of a person’s past.
Damian Blackstone didn’t care about my existence. He came into my world for one reason only. He came to find answers about his past.
He moved like the villain in my favorite fairytales. He wasn’t the one who received the happily ever afters; he was the one who destroyed them.
Which was why I couldn’t understand my step-father setting it up in his will for Damian and me to be married. If we didn’t wed, all of my family’s inheritance would be donated to charity.
I wasn’t certain I’d be able to live with a man like Damian, but make no mistake, he wasn’t the monster in this story. Damian danced with the darkness, but I submersed myself within it.
The longer he stuck around, the more complicated things became. Every family had its skeletons, and Damian came to dig up ours. When the truth came out, and the secrets were revealed, I was left wishing I’d never said, ‘I do.’
By that point, it was already too late.
I was tangoed in his darkness as he bathed within mine.

Rise of the King by Bella Mathews releasing December 9

Forevers don’t exist when you’re on the run.
Amelia cannot get attached—not to the town or the people in it.
And definitely not to the tall, dark, and handsome mafia prince who sweet-talks his way past her carefully built walls.
Why put yourself through that, knowing it’ll all be ripped away when you leave?
And she will have to leave.
This life isn’t hers to keep.
Sam calls her Snow, like the fairy-tale princess.
But her life is far from a fairy tale.
Even a prince can’t change that.
For Sam Beneventi, there’s a difference between his family and The Family.
He’s been raised to one day take control of The Family, putting that above all else.
Strength and power are all that matter.
Weakness isn’t an option. It’s an excuse. And Sam never makes excuses.
Until his future walks into his life and blows it up with one single bullet.
When the lost princess stumbles into this mafia prince’s city, all bets are off.
And Amelia is all he sees.
To keep her safe, it’s time for Sam to take control.
To take the throne.
To wear the crown.
It’s time for the Rise of the King.

Jock Romeo by Sara Ney releasing December 9

Roman Whitaker is every girl’s best friend. An easy going nice guy, Rome is brilliant, and funny. At the age of twenty-two, he’s moving out of his parents’ house for the first time and into off-campus housing with two complete strangers.
No more Mister “Playing it Safe.”
Rome may be wicked smart, but math and science will only get him so far, and they certainly won’t land him a first date with the girl of his dreams.
For that, he’ll get a little unwanted help from his friends—and meddling family members.
Lilly Howard is tired of being taken for granted. After breaking up with her philandering boyfriend, she’s giving up guys and learning to love herself again.
She’s sick of playing nice.
When she bumps into Rome, they become instant friends. When he asks her to be his fake girlfriend to keep his family off his back, she agrees—but only if he’ll return the favor…

Under the Thistle-Toe by Mindy McKinley Releasing December 11

Two years post-broken heart, Mia Tate has learned how to move on. Mostly. Her B&B, the Thistle Do keeps her busy in the small Scottish-American tourist town of Aberdeen, Illinois. With a dating pool she can count on one hand, though, she’s come to terms with the fact that she’ll have to learn to love being alone. That is until a six-foot-five, bagpiping hottie shows up on her front step and dares to make her feel again.
As leader of the pipe band Aon Dueg, Finn MacGowan is growing tired of his life of travel. Aberdeen is just the latest stop in a whirlwind life that keeps him moving constantly. In town to work with the high school pipe band for the Christmas parade, the last thing Finn expects is to find is a woman that turns him upside down and a new calling that could change everything. All he has left to do is convince Mia that he’s worth taking a second chance at love.

Mine to Keep by Kennedy L. Mitchell releasing December 13th

An unlikely friendship, a stalking ex, and a serial killer on the loose.
FBI profiler Charlie Bekham prides himself on three unique talents: hacking any database, making women swoon with a cocky smirk, and letting no one see the desperate man buried deep. When a string of murders in Louisville, KY, requires extra help, he’s forced to partner with the brilliant yet shy Special Agent Rhyan Riggs to hunt the killer. Long nights of working the case fan the growing attraction between them, making Charlie question if “just friends” is enough.
Special Agent Rhyan Riggs is running from her past—a narcissistic ex, to be exact. Determined to move on from the terrible breakup, she focuses solely on her career… until him. Special Agent Charlie Bekham. Covered in tattoos, cocky as hell, and bad-boy hot, he’s exactly the type she should avoid at all costs but can’t seem to stay away from.
With more victims and at a dead end, Rhyan does the unthinkable—she puts herself in the killer’s sights. When the killer takes the bait and disappears with the woman Charlie’s fallen for, can he piece together the remaining clues before Rhyan becomes the next body found?
Mine to Keep is the fourth book in the interconnected standalone Protection Series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but because of character crossover, reading from book 1, Mine to Protect, is suggested. Due to foul language, discussion of emotional abuse, mention of suicide, and detailed intimate scenes, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

Beautiful Nightmare by Giana Darling Releasing December 14th

Bianca has finally found her rightful place amid the powerful Constantines. But all is not what it seems in this glittering new world. And Tiernan Morelli refuses to give up her up…
BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE is the final book in the Dark Dream duet by USA Today bestselling author Giana Darling.

Code Name Disavowed by Sawyer Bennett Releasing December 14th

Life works in mysterious ways. Jameson Force Security has just received notice of a disavowed CIA agent in need of rescue in Central America. My blood runs cold when I learn that agent is none other than Greer Hathaway—my former fiancée.
Having gone our separate ways more than a decade ago, I still have bitter feelings toward Greer and the demise of our relationship. Those feelings don’t change the fact that I loved her more than anything, so I’m on the next flight out to embark on a rescue mission. Besides, Greer once saved my life, so now it’s time to return the favor and put her firmly in my past.
Face-to-face for the first time since ending our engagement, Greer and I are left with not only anger, unanswered questions and regrets, but also the undeniable chemistry we apparently still have. Will the promise of a new future together be enough, or will the same obstacles tear us apart again?

Homecoming King by Penny Reid Releasing December 14th

Rex “TW” McMurtry’s perpetual single-hood wouldn’t bother him so much if all his ex-girlfriends didn’t keep marrying the very next person they dated, especially when so many of those grooms are his closest friends. He may be a pro-football defensive end for the Chicago Squalls, but the press only wants to talk about how he’s always a groomsman and never a groom. Rex is sick of being the guy before the husband, and he’s most definitely sick of being the best man at all their weddings.
Bartender Abigail McNerny is the gal-pal, the wing-woman, the she-BFF. She’s dated. Once. And once was more than enough. Privy to all the sad stories of her customers, ‘contentment over commitment’ is her motto, and Abby is convinced no one on earth could ever entice her into a romantic relationship . . . except that one guy she’s loved since preschool.
The guy who just walked into her bar.
The guy who doesn’t recognize her.
The guy who is drunk and needs a ride home.
The guy who has a proposition she should definitely refuse.

Game Changer by Stacey Lynn Releasing December 14th

Falling for your best friend is one thing, accidentally getting knocked up by him is another…
Hockey hottie Garrett Dubiak has been my best friend since college and the one constant in my life the past seven years. Through distance, career changes, and other relationships, we’ve always found our way back to each other.
Including one wild weekend this winter, when he finally told me he wanted more… wanted everything from me.
Too afraid to admit I felt the same, I told him I needed time.
Twelve weeks later, here I am, pregnant with his baby, alone, and terrified.
He’s my best friend. He deserves to know the truth.
So I swallow my fear, my pride, and I shoot my shot. I just hope he’s still willing to have me—and our baby.

My Unexpected Surprise by Piper Rayne Releasing December 14th

I never thought of myself as dad material.
Until my one-night stand showed up in my small Alaskan town five months pregnant.
But I don’t shy away from responsibility. First, because I’m a Greene and not to boast but we’re kind of a big deal in Sunrise Bay. Second, I’m the Sheriff.
I couldn’t have predicted how protective I’d become for the safety of her and my unborn baby to the point of asking her to move in with me and be my roommate.
Just when I think I have the situation under control, another surprise knocks me over, but it only spurs me to double down.
I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t think it through. Somewhere between the dinners, the TV show binging, the doctor appointments, and me walking in on her naked, lines blurred.
In what feels like warp speed, my bachelor for life status is in jeopardy and I’m fighting for the most important thing of all—my family.

Teased by Tinsel by Molly O’Hare Releasing December 15

Tis the season for holidays and… Bigfoot?
Catch up with Hank & Olive and the whole gang as they celebrate Olive’s favorite time of year. After all, nothing could go wrong during the holidays, right?

Over Exposed by Mae Harden releasing December 20

Details coming soon!

Sexy as Sin by W. Winters Releasing December 21

Sexy and sinful.
Those words have been used to describe me a time or two. But they fit her too. My ride or die. My one and only. My addiction and my sanity. Our pairing was a business decision done right.
Until all hell broke loose.
I took the fall for her, and it cost me everything.
Prison made me harder; this life made me colder. Seeing her again for the first time in years, eyes wide with promises and heartbreak, I can feel time falling away.
But danger still haunts her, and I’m not the man I once was. There’s no way she could love the monster I’ve become. Still, I’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it means taking down everyone standing in my way.

Monkey Wrench by Mary B. Moore Releasing December 28th

Years ago, Naomi was the girl who saved my life without knowing it. All it took was a handful of innocent words to change the decision I was about to make.
I’d heard about her brother dying from one of our teammates, and I’d wondered if I’d ever be able to make the difference for her that she’d made for me back then.
Ending up in the same town hundreds of miles away from our hometown was a fluke, but what if I was her monkey wrench? I knew what loss was, and I’d felt the pain and how easy it was to suffocate under it, but what if I was the wrench that fits all of the pieces of her life and holds them in place so she could put it back together again for her and her niece.
And what if she was mine?

Raising my niece by myself wasn’t easy, but moving to Piersville from Fernandina Beach was the best decision I could have made for us.
I just didn’t count on Carter Lane being here, too. He’s always been quiet, but around me, that changes. I don’t know what anything the guy does means, though. Carter’s helpful, he’s great with Shanti, makes me laugh, and it blew my mind when he gave me the Blow Pop I’d given him all those years ago in a frame.
But what does it all mean?
Changing life paths isn’t easy, but it’s a damn sight simpler than trying to figure out a man’s mind.
Especially his.

Pretend You Want Me by Cynthia Eden releasing December 28th

She fixes problems.
There is no problem that Aspen Gray can’t handle. No case that is too hard. No challenge too great. She’s a rising star criminal defense attorney, and she intends to have the world at her feet…until a ghost from her past comes back to wreck her carefully designed plans. A ghost who should have been in the ground. And when a dead man comes stalking you, what’s a woman to do?
Let things get Wilde.
As soon as she sets foot in the elite protection and security firm known as Wilde, Aspen knows that she must tread carefully. Her life is on the line, and everything that she has worked so hard to achieve can be destroyed…unless one very talented and dangerous Wilde agent can help her out. She needs a man with exceedingly deadly skills—and she needs him now.
He can practically see the secrets dripping from her…
It should have been a standard undercover operation. Gideon Ranier knew the drill. He was supposed to play the role of his new client’s boyfriend so that he could slip into her world, keep her safe, and unmask the jerk screwing around with her. Standard work. No big deal. Former Delta Force, he could do that type of job in his sleep. Except…he doesn’t count on actually falling for his client. But he does. Hard, fast, and deep, and soon…there is nothing that he won’t do for her.
It’s personal.
Lines are crossed. Desire grows too strong. Their need won’t be denied. But the attacks on Aspen are mounting. As an obsessed killer plays a deadly game, Gideon will have no choice but to fight harder and dirtier than he’s ever fought in his life in order to protect Aspen from a stalker hellbent on vengeance.

Off the Bench by Aly Ciz releasing December 28th

**This is book 4 in the #UofJ Series****it is a stand-alone Novel featuring CK and Quinn. Full blurb to come****Releasing December 2021**

Immortal’s Honor by Rebecca Zanetti Releasing December 7

First comes danger  . . .
When Vampire-Demon Sam Kyllwood discovers he’s the keeper of some mysterious circle, he laughs it off.  When he finds out that his younger brother is supposed to fight to the death in said circle, he snaps right to furious.  And that’s before he starts uncontrollably making things explode —it turns out it’s never too late to develop deadly new immortal abilities.   But even those explosions are nothing compared to what happens when he tries to handle a very suspicious, brilliant and beyond sexy human female whose piercing eyes ignite a heat that rages deliciously outside even his unbreakable control…  
Then comes desire . . .
Honor McDovall is one of the best interrogators Homeland Security has ever had. But no matter how well she appears to fit in, her mystical gifts are slowly driving her mad. She doesn’t understand them, she doesn’t want them, but for now, she’ll use them to detect and defeat danger until she completely loses her mind. Unfortunately, her job brings her face to face with the deadliest man she’s ever met—and she senses Sam is even more gifted than she is. Yet once they kiss, she realizes he’s also more dangerous than the enemies suddenly coming from every direction. Good thing they both like to play with fire . . .