Encourage Amazon to Change their policies.

If you have been following along there has been a HUGE increase of consumers returning read eBooks on Amazon. Authors return numbers are 10xs higher than they were a month ago. The other issue is that when a book is returned the authors are being charged the whole price of the return. So if a book is $3.99 and it is returned an author is charged $3.99.

We have created an easily copy and paste email for you to send on authors’ behalf. Emails must be send from the email address associated with your Amazon Account.

Send your emails here:

Readers: [email protected] or [email protected]

Authors: [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected]

To whom it may concern,

As a loyal Amazon Prime member and Kindle Unlimited subscriber, I would like to bring a current issue to your attention. As you may know many social media influencers have shared that your current return policy for ebooks can be easily exploited. Customers are purchasing ebooks that they read, then return at a later date, having completely consumed the product. Nevertheless, you accept the return with no questions asked. This is probably a negligible cost to you. However, to many small and independent authors that chose to use your platform for distribution this is significant and increasing as many more participate in this practice.I urge you to consider revising your return policy for ebooks. Perhaps, a time limit for ebook returns or opening of the file voids any return. Your honest customers that want to continue having access to all the authors they love will support this change. Otherwise, authors are going to be forced to find different ways to distribute their content and the consumers will follow. Please, consider a change to your ebook return policy to benefit all of us and to keep both readers and authors.