Let’s Talk LuvBooks, Book Box.

This is a quarterly box.  I was excited when I learned that June’s theme was Wet and Wild and would feature Jasinda Wilder.  I am such a big fan of her BADD Brothers series. The box was purchased on May 18th.  A label was created on June 15th for the box to ship, however, I did not physical receive this box until June 22.  I received an email from LuvBox on June 20th with the heading stating “Your LuvBooks Box is Here!”   It was just a promo email encouraging me to share the contents and my reaction to the box on social media and when I do to tag them.  Which was a little misleading, I was worried maybe my box was delivered to the wrong address. 

What did I get in the box? 

A blow-up palm tree can floaty. 

Paperback of Badd MotherF*#Ker by Jasinda Wilder with a book plate sticker she signed.  (I had to put it in myself)

Paperback of Tempting Dusty by Helen Hardt

A paperback of Shattered Souls by Alison Mello with a book plate sticker she signed.  (I had to put it in myself) I received an email today 6/25 that there is missing text from the end of the book.  And we need to visit the authors website for the missing pages. 

A small canvas tote with rainbow writing that says “one more chapter”

A tin of Jellybeans

A pamphlet/promo brochure for Blood of Zeus by Meredith Wild.

A deck of playing card with the cover of Blood of Zeus by Meredith Wild. 

An air freshener

A rubber straw in a carrying case. 

A vinyl sticker and a lapel button. 

a purse size hand sanitizer.

To purchase a box is $49.99 plus  $8.99 shipping cost for a total of $58.98

Want to know what I think of the box? 

I am actually really underwhelmed.  I do not feel I got much for the price.  The three books are about a $45 value if I had ordered them online, so the rest is just extra. However, one of the books is incomplete, had I ordered it from Amazon I would have been able to replace it.  Also, my blowup can floaty does not hold air, it has a big rip in the seam. 

They do offer a “mini” box at a $19.99 value the only difference instead of 3 books you get 1.

They really push people to put their impressions and what the got online. Packages are not delivered at the same time so if you are in it to be surprised, I would suggest you not follow them on social media.  I knew before my box even ship what all was in my box because they were sharing people’s social media post.  Also, on Friday June 19th, 3 days before I got my box, the creators behind the box held an Instagram live and talked about all the stuff in the box. 

Would I order this again?

Probably not.  It is a lot of money for some stuff and three books.  Plus, I was in it for the anticipation and surprise.  Their social media promotion ruined that aspect of it for me. 

*** I wanted to add an additional piece. One of the books, Shattered Souls was actually missing that last 2 chapters of the book. The company did send an email notice with a link where we could read the last few pages of the book. No replacement book was offered. ** This incident has really made me feel that this box lacks value for it’s offering. If I hadn’t already canceled my subscription to this, I would be now.

You can check out their website here. https://luvbooks.com/