Code Name: Virgo by Janie Crouch

Series: Zodiac Tactical Book 2
Rate: 4/5 Stars
Trope: Age Gap; Damaged Heroine; Slow Burn; Pining Hero
SubGenre: Suspense
PoP: 64%
POV: Dual 1st Person

I love suspense.  It is not secret, and when I discovered Janie Crouch I went deep into the rabbit hole.  This series is a spin-off of her Linear Tactical series, and it is a well-done spin-off.

This story follows along the same similar timelines to book one, you don’t have to read book 1, but there are some nuances that you will miss if you don’t.  

Sarge met Bronwyn when she was still a teenager and helps her out of one bad situation.  However, she is still stuck where she is.  They don’t meet again for years, and he gets her out fully.  These two feel attraction to each other, but situations don’t allow for anything to happen.  Sarge is a gruff guy, who is extremely protective.  Bronwyn is a woman who was dealt a bad hand and is struggling to survive.

When she becomes a member of Zodiac Tactical, things are looking up.  Until Mosaic kidnaps her and life spirals out of control.  This book is non-stop, there is always movement, always action, and always something exciting happening on page.  I love the relationship between these two and the way it develops from nothing to everything.  The way in which Sarge protects not only Bronwyn’s’ heart but her body as well.  

My only issue with this book, when they are at the Resting Warrior Ranch, the storyline there doesn’t line up in the way the storyline plays out in that book.  But honestly, that is a personal Gripe and the only reason I am giving this a 4-star rating. 

I really enjoy the dynamic between all of the characters in this book, and while there are a bunch, the pages do not seem over crowded.  Crouch seamlessly continues to connect her series with the way these stories play out.  I can’t wait to dive into more.