Doctor Heartless by J. Saman

Series: Boston’s Billionaire Bachelors #3
Tropes: Single Dad; Neighbors; Widower; Grumpy Hero; One Night Stand; Damaged Hero
Rate: 5/5 Stars
PoP: 9%
POV: Dual 1st person

Julie Saman continues to give us compelling stories as we follow the Fritz brothers through their relationship woes.  Landon Fritz is a single dad who holds a lot of baggage, and self-guilt.  Ellery Wilde is recently divorced and reeling from a bad relationship with her ex and her family. These two meet in a bar and have a one night stand, both expecting never to see each other again.  
however, that is NOT the case at all when they find they are actually neighbors.

Landon tries everything in his power to stay away from the beautiful and alluring Elle and does so by being cold and almost vindictive with his words and actions.  Elle has a lot of mental hang-ups that she is working through because of her relationship, and Landon realizes that there are moments when his actions are hurting her in ways he couldn’t have imagined.  These two have intense chemistry, and Saman doesn’t disappoint whenever these two show up on page together.

But one of the most important parts of this book, is the relationship between Elle and Landon’s daughter Stella.  These two have an instant connection, and you can feel the care that Elle gives this girl.  Love that she needs.  Landon is a great dad and has done what he can, but at the same time, losing his wife broke something inside of him and he has a hard time moving on from it.

The Fritz Family is magnetic and loving, and there are some hard truths told to Landon by his dad as well as Luca his twin.  Once he realizes what he might lose, he is all in without question.  Elle is dealing with some fallout of her divorce and her terrible family, and I love the way that the Fritz’s fold her into the family so easily.  The fact that Landon supports her and allows her to show her strength when needed is wonderful to see.  Sometimes, you go into a series thinking, there is no way these books can keep getting better.  But they do, and I am so very excited to see where Saman takes us next with Luca’s book.