Review: Wicked as Seduction: Trees & Laila Part 1 by Shayla Black

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: age-gap, alpha, body-guard, cliff-hanger, close-proximity, eggplant-hero, forbidden, military, possessive-alpha-hero, protector, rescue-romance, security-force, suspense, veteran
CW: Violence and Past Trauma

PoP: 33%

The wicked and Devoted Series is one of those series that sucks you to the world and you can not escape until you have all the stories!

I have been desperate for Trees Story since One-Miles Book.  He is such a fierce and strong protector.  He is so intense and complex.  Brough on to EM Security at the recommendation of his friend Zyon.  Trees is a former military with a strong background in tech.  He is also fiercely loyal and controlled. When he is expected of being the Mole at EM he is out to prove it isn’t him.  While his allegiance is in question, he is give the task to protect Laila. 

Laila is left behind when her sister Valeria pregnant and escaped the Mexican cartel she is married into.  Laila has been assaulted violently for years at the hand of her captures.  Finally, she is rescued by EM Security and reunited with her sister and nephew. Twice their location has been compromised. Leaving Laila to trust no one even those that claim they are there to protect her. 

Trees knew things with Laila were going to be a challenge.  The forced separation from her sister and her lack of trust in men Laila is not going to come along easily.  Laila only cares about her sister and her nephew she will sacrifice everything to keep them safe. 

I love a strong and fierce hero and Trees is totally that. Trees is beyond attracted Laila is one of those heroines you are would be if ever in that kind of situation. Her life has not been easy.  But she never gives up. She continues to persevere and push through to live the next day. She finally has autonomy and is not giving it up for just anyone. 

There is so much to this story! It does end on a cliffhanger, and I am now desperate for book.  There is just enough in this book to leave you wanting, suspense, betrayal and some much steaminess!  The whole series is a must read!