Man Handle by Vanessa Vale

MAC, a devoted single father and the town’s fire chief. Georgia, recently divorced and burdened by a lifetime of body-shaming from her mother and sister, seeks a fresh start after her ex’s infidelity.

Her cousin recruits her for assistance in organizing a charity event in Montana.

Andy, Mac’s determined son longing for a mother figure, serendipitously encounters Georgia on a plane with his grandfather. Mac is captivated by Georgia’s beauty and is pleasantly surprised when she turns out to be his new tenant for the garage apartment.

This heartwarming story unfolds with delightful humor, genuine love, and a sense of community as the town comes together. I found it irresistibly charming and wished the tale wouldn’t conclude so soon. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of new beginnings and the magic of unexpected connections.

Rating: 4/5
Series: On a Man Hunt
Tropes: Single Dad, Close Proximity, Small Town, First Responder