Trick Shot by Kayla Grosse

“Trick Shot by Kayla Grosse: A Steamy MMF Holiday Novella Review”

Trick Shot by Kayla Grosse, a MMF Holiday Novella, delivers a sizzling and enjoyable narrative. Riley and Leo’s encounter at the airport, where she mistakes him for the renowned hockey player Lucas, sets the stage for a passionate and lighthearted story. Their initial night together is presented as a casual, no-strings-attached affair, but Leo persuades Riley to join him and his close friend Jace for Christmas. Jace and Leo share an unconventional relationship, void of official labels but entangled in a sort of open arrangement, although it seems that Jace may be growing uncomfortable with this dynamic, a tension that remains unspoken.

The story unfolds gradually, introducing Riley to the unconventional dynamic between Leo and Jace before escalating into steamy moments. The dialogue between the men is described as scorching, leaving an impact that even metaphorically drops the reviewer’s panties. The narrative explores various spicy scenes, and when drama arises, it coincides with these heated moments, adding an intriguing layer to the plot. I really liked that Riley stood her ground when confronted with deception.

Rating: 4/5
Trope: MMF, Deception, Mistaken Identity, Holiday, PWP