Review by MN Hockey Mom

Lizzy Goes Brain over Braun
Book #1 in the Billionaire Baby Club
by Jasinda Wilder

Lizzy is the woman that is driven, successful, owns her own business, and has her own money.  After many nights full of Tinder dates and meaningless sex with men all over LA. She doesn’t need a man or a relationship.  When Lizzy turns 40 she is out with friends, and after a few too many margaritas and tacos she lets her true feelings flow.  She wants more.  While she enjoys the relationship that she has with men, she is looking for something more for herself.  She wants to be a mother.  She needs someone to impregnate her the old fashioned way and he needs to be a billionaire, so he isn’t looking for a sugar mama.  And no strings.  She needs him to impregnate her.  That is it.  Nothing more. The group of friends put an ad in the paper…..but she doesn’t know. 

In comes, Braun.  A tech nerd, almost billionaire. He reminds me a little of Clark Kent glasses and all, but he’s a coder and an app creator. He has created several apps and sold them, hence being an almost billionaire.  And he drives a motorcycle. He seems like the laid back kind of guy that is easy to be around.  

Braun answers Lizzy’s ad and the pair decide to meet and see if it could be anything. Well, the sparks fly.  Lots of sparks.  I thought going in this was going to be a romcom, but wow there is some serious heat.  Serious. The chemistry is off the charts!  The two jumped head first into their “agreement” and put everything aside.  Braun and Lizzy were so adorable together.  Their budding relationship was easy and Wilder did an amazing job of showing us them fall in love. 

I fell in LOVE with Braun.  He is so sweet, smart, kind, and generous. He is MAJOR book boyfriend material.  Lizzy is driven, accomplished, and a go-getter but she does not allow people to get too close to her. As Braun starts to get close, she pushes away.   

I adored Wilder’s writing style and the heat between the pair.  I also LOVED Lizzy’s group of friends.  And I am anxiously waiting for the rest of their stories. I really wanted Lizzy to get out of her own way.   But overall if you like seriously funny banter and some steamy connections this is a book I would totally recommend reading it!