Review: Stripped Down by Mae Harden

Rating 4.5/5
Steam Level: 5
Tropes: Meet cute, instant connection, mistaken identity, close proximity/co workers

This book starts with a wild sexy Meet Cute.  By 10% in this book was steaming up and leading to all sorts of expectations and it delivered!  The sinful delights of this book are not limited to just the bakery.. 

Olive Donovan is having a great night! Her best friend Chelsea is getting married and they’re enjoying a rowdy Bachelorette party. A knock at the door of their hotel room signals that the entertainment portion of the Party has arrived!  Sort of….

Brooks Davidson is a man with a plan. Annoyed at bunch of rowdy people, he is headed next door to tell them to quiet down.  Not part of the plan… the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen opening the door.  Him semi stripping to Bon Jovi just to get them to settle down.  And absolutely not part of giving his green-eyed goddess a hotter than sin kiss goodnight!

The morning after brings Olive and Brooks face to face.  Olive is his newest client…  Brooks is the contractor she is hiring to build a new addition to her bakery. 

Their fire is doused when Brooks gob smacked by seeing Olive again tells Olive the kiss was a mistake and she practically dared him to do it. Embarrassed and a whole lot of pissed off Olive shuts him down stating for him to just keep things professional while they work together on her bakery’s renovation.

This story is equally sweet and super steamy buckets of dirty talk that just keeps things hot! I was hooked from the beginning.   Olive and Brooks are just the perfect blend of romantic book magic! Steam level of this book is off the charts.   I seriously needed a fan to cool off! The cast of supporting characters just lead to the depth of the story.  And really Brooks Davidson is the perfect Alphalicious book boyfriend dreams are made of!!

Stripped Down is a completely fun, sexy, and highly entertaining! This is a debut offering from the author.  There is a few story inconstancies that come with it being a first novel taking that in to account this is still a 4.5/5 star read and I can not wait until I get my hands on her next book!