Review: Boy #1: The Wannabe Rockstar

By Penny Sixsmith

This was a book full of laughs and swoon, so much swoon. 

Cassie’s next-door neighbor Micah is a bit of a womanizer, so much so she hears him when he has company…  Cassie has decided she hates him, even though she doesn’t know him really at all.

Micah isn’t really a fan of Cassie’s either. He finds her kind of standoffish. 

Life and circumstances land these two in bed and slowly it evolves to more.  Cassie is slow to trust, Cassie is ok with simply being bedmates.  During her hook up with Micah she meets a second guy Boy #2, and she feel a very really connection to him outside the physical.

Is it Boy #1 or Boy # 2 the right connection for Cassie.  Is it Micah? What is more important: Emotions over physical.

The book ends on a cliffhanger so you will have to wait for Boy #2’s books. 

The love triangle is not always my favorite, but this story had a lot of laughs.  Both characters have their moments and it was a very well written story.    Penny Sixsmith made me laugh out loud more than once, she also brought a lot of swoon. This was a 3.5/5 star read for me.  I think it is a combination of the trope and the cliffhanger. Also Cassie comes off as a bit wishy washy in what she wants.  It just doesn’t always play out well.  I see the attraction to both guys but not sure why she can’t pull the trigger and pick one.