Review: Make Me Dream by Marie Johnston

Rating: 4/5
Series: Oil Barron Series
Interconnected Standalone
Trope: Family Series, Accidental Pregnancy, Small Town, Sibling’s Best Friend,
Pop: 39%

This was my first read by author Marie Johnston and it started off hot and spicy. This was just the book I needed to keep me warm on these cool fall nights. The intensity of this family is captivating.  

Stetson Barron is really a good guy. His is a peace keeper in his family. He walks a very tight line doing what is right and never really leaving a wake unless it is the woman he dates. He does not have a great dating history. He is also a hot sought-after bachelor in his home town. There are times where Stetson comes off as a know it all and it is worst when he is desperate to keep his imagine perfect.  

Lyric isn’t perfect, but she is smart. Lyric might be one of the most relatable characters I have read in a long time. She is thoughtful and determined. She isn’t going to settle just because others think she should. I do think her past history with her father has been her fuel to keep strive for best!   

The chemistry and attraction worked really well. I did struggle with Stetson’s if we don’t talk about it is isn’t a problem being frustrating. The book has a lot of the miscommunication vibe but mostly from Stetson, Lyric wanted to talk about it she wanted things out in the open.  

I am spending zero time on Stetson’s parents- they are legit the worst. Those two had some redemption but the have a lot to still do.  

I really enjoyed this read and I am curious to go back in read some of the other characters that are alluded to and I am really excited for Lyric’s best friend and Stetson’s sister, Ilsa’s book.