Review: Twisted Hearts by Stacey Lynn

Rating 4/5
Steam 3/5
Angst 3/5
Trope: Body Guard, close proximity, protector, romantic suspense
Book 1 of the Love & Honor Duet
CW: past abuse off page mention

Stacey Lynn writes it, I am happy to read it! 

I went into this book slightly blind.  I knew just bit of the story, but I was ready to being! This story was completely engrossing. 

Adrianna/Addi runs from her fiancé who she is being forced into marrying and tries to start over in a new place. With the help of one of her friends, she can get a place to live and new job. Very quickly it becomes clear that moving on is going to be harder than we thought. Her fiancé and his family are not going to let her leave and stay away for long.

Shawn used to be a police officer but is now working for a private company doing security work. He always wanted to help people and being a police officer gave him that ability.  He is now working with Adrianna as a bodyguard manner. But keeping her safe while fight his attraction to her is a whole other piece to their relationship.

I loved Shawn’s protectiveness but also how sweet he was with Addi. I loved how Addi kept persevering despite everything going on in her life. As the attraction grows between Shawn and Addi, Shawn promises to protect her at all costs. Even though Addi has had a privileged upbringing, she is a hard worker who is strong and willing to do what it takes to survive. Shawn comes from a very different upbringing, making him question if they can make it work.  

We aren’t truly sure of the danger she is in, but this book keeps you on your toes. Twisted Hearts does end in a cliffhanger, and you will have to wait until book 2 releases in a few weeks to see if Shawn and Addi get their HEA. Twisted Hearts offers suspense, mystery and intrique, great characters, chemistry, and romance.