A 2.5 Mug review for The New Guy by Kathryn Freeman

One Night Stand with the hot guy in the pub? No names, No Numbers exchanged just one night only! So you think until the next day Mr Hotty One Night Stand walks into your office as your new employee.

Sam is floored when her super hot one night stand turns into her newest programmer Ryan Black. Same is very clear that there will not be repeats of the one night stand. As time passes and Sam spends more time with Ryan you realized he is a likeable, that there is more to him than hotness. Ryan seems to be just as attracted to his stunning boss. He can not shake Sam from his mind.

Can Sam and Ryan give in to their attraction for each other? No relationship is without its own share of drama, especially in the office. Can threatening rivals, passed heartbreaks and two adults extremely attracted to each other move past all that is in their way and find love together?

A new twist on the office romance with alternating points of view. Totally worth the read. You will fall in love with Ryan and Sam.