Southern Bombshell | Jessica Peterson

I have been a fan of the Southern Highlands series since Beau and Annabell were new releases.  I knew then that this series was going to be amazing, and Peterson did not disappoint.  I am going to make a bold statement, but I think this might be my favorite book of the series.  I know.  Bold. It is a perfect way to wrap up this series and say see you later to this family.  

We all got a little sneak peak that Milly and Nate were a thing in previous books. But Milly always played this close to the vest and never let her brothers know what was going on in her life. Throughout the series the tension and feud with the Kingsley family was mentioned, and as their partnership with the resort and having the Kingsley whisky in their restaurants happened the feud lessened. But the play on the Hatfields and McCoys and Romeo and Juliet in this book was awesome.  Nate and Milly both enjoy reading.  Nate especially enjoys the classics.  

After Nate left Milly and readers broken-hearted several years ago, he is back in her life and she is planning his wedding.  Milly is a sought after wedding planner and is known for making brides dreams come true.  Their initial meeting my heart literally broken for Milly.  Peterson did an amazing job of putting Milly’s feelings and emotions on the page.  You could literally feel the tension and pain radiating off Milly.  One thing is certain, Milly Beauregaurd is a badass woman, and is willing to put her feelings aside to get the job done.  Milly works herself to the bone and has little time for a personal life.  She doesn’t date, she just works.  That is what she has done for the past two years.  

After breaking his own heart and leaving Milly he focuses on saving his family business. When his fiance wants to have his ex plan their wedding he has hesitations.  Lots of them, but what his fiance wants she gets.  Nate is a very dynamic character and has a lot on his shoulders. Once again, Peterson did a finomial job showing us that there was some underlying pain and events that Nate refused to allow others to be a part of.  Nate feels responsible for keeping his family business afloat and keeping his brother and dad out of trouble.  
Once this pair made their way back to each other it was clear that they brought out the best in each other.  There was an easy connection and comfort for them both.  And they thrived just being near each other. They are a couple that is completely happy hanging out in flannel pants, drinking whisky, snuggling by a fire and talking.  And I love the conversations they have. Milly and Nate are so smart and have a lot of interests that others around them don’t share.  And the chemistry.  Off the charts and so hot! And of course like all of her books there is a dose of humor, alpha men puffing their chests and angst. 

I was hesitant about this book as it starts off with Nate engaged to someone else, but I will say there is no cheating. At all.  Everyone is completely faithful to their relationship.  I cannot recommend this book more….but I think you need to read the entire series to get a really good feel for the family and their past.  And really, you are going to want to because they are all amazing and there is nothing better than reading about an alpha falling head over heels in love!