Dangerous Survivor by Kaylea Cross

Series: Crimson Point Series #7
Rate: 5 Stars
Tropes: Second Chance at life; Forced Proximity; Protector; Small Town; Heroine in Danger; Slow Burn
POV: Multi 3rd Person
PoP: 69%

Ember Theissen has lived through tragedy.  She returns to Crimson Point to retrieve her brother’s dog, but this is where he life was change irrevocably.  Ember heals in this book, not because of Boyd, but because she has a strength and resilience that she wasn’t aware of until she got back into town.  

Boyd Masterson moved to Crimson Point after the implosion of his career.  He thrives in the quiet and solitary until a tiny dog changes his world.  With this dog, comes Ember and what follows is an intense and instant connection that shows Boyd that maybe his solitary life isn’t the right choice.  Fate has continually put Ember into Boyd’s path and he takes it as a sign that she is meant to be a part of his life.  She brings a lightness back to him that he lost a long time ago.

Along with the danger that has followed Ember back to Crimson Point, we get introduced to Trave, Boyd’s son, and the heroine to her spin-off series the Crimson Point Protectors that is coming soon.

You do not need to read this series as a whole because Dangerous Survivor stand well on its own, but there are some amazing couples that you do not want to miss their stories.