Review: Down and Dirty by Mari Carr

Rating: 5/5
Series: Book One in the Italian Stallion Series
Tropes: Age gap, rescue romance, MFM, Single mom, Close proximity, found family
PoP: 54%

Down and Dirty is book one in the brand-new series, Italian Stallions by Mari Carr. The story of two confirmed bachelors and the woman who they literally saved but, in the end, she may be saved them.

Tony Moretti and Rhys Beaumont have been best friends for years.  Both in the mid to late 30’s and successful at their chosen careers. Tony owns a restoration company while Rhys is a successful doctor. Both are dedicated to their careers and are not interested in relationships.

Jess Monroe is twenty five years old and is the single mother to her adorable six year old son, Jasper. Jess is one of those characters who will break your heart.   She had been let down by everyone in her life from the time she was born. The last month everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. She and Jasper are homeless, they stayed with friends for a while. She has done all she can to provide a safe place for them to sleep.

Parking in front of Tony and Rhys building might have been the best thing she ever did…. 

Jess has lived her whole life being let down and disappointed. She is living constantly on the edge just waiting for bad things to happen. I adored the friendship between Tony and Rhys. They are truly opposite, btu their friendship was the highlight of this book for me. These men loved each other in a way that made this story so good. 

This new series is by Mari Carr is spectacular!   It is a story that will captivate you from the star.  You will not be able to put this book down once you start.   Down and Dirty is sexy story with a side of sweetness that I just adored. Tony Moretti is smooth, he has an elegance and charm about him that will have you falling for him. Rhys has a quiet elegance about him. He doesn’t explode on to the page but when he is on page, he has all your attention.  Jess and her son’s arrival has them opening their hearts and realizing what they needed in their lives. The chemistry in this book is tangible. I really enjoyed this book and can not wait for the next one.