Oh, Holy Night | Cala Riley

I have been asking for a Christmas letter from some of my favorite romance book couples for a while, and my friend Cala Riley delivered!!! If you have been around a while you know I simply adore Chicago and the mafia, but I have a very soft place in my heart for the Syndicate series.  And we get to go back and visit some of our favorite couples! EEEEKKKKK- I was thinking it was going to be a super duper short novella but we lucked out and we got to spend so much time with Cleo & Kia, Autumn & Callum, Miya & Kenji, and of course Nikita and Declan.  Did it make me even more excited for Declan’s book….yes, yes it did. Also, Cala and Riley brought the spice to this book and holy buckets it was melt all the snow in Chicago steamy! These couples are still as in love and handsy as they were when we left them to live their HEA!
If you are a fan of the syndicate series and want a little sneak peek into some of your favorite characters’ futures this book should definitely be on your holiday reading list! If nothing else there are a lot of little teases for Declan and Nikita’s book which is coming in 2024!