Baiting Him by Baiting Him (How to Catch an Alpha Book 2) Aurora Rose Reynolds

Once again Aurora Rose Reynolds creates a man who knows how to love and that you want to love. Gaston (Gus) is everything you want to fall in love with. He is sexy, smart, and thoughtful. He walks into a room and woman are struck dumb. Chrissie who has been hurt before and has watch the 30 plus year marriage of her parents fall part in the roughest way is not sure she is ready to put herself out there. Chrissie has no faith in men and certainly not one as tall dark and handsome as Gaston. Baiting Him is the combination of amazing characters that you can’t help but love. Everything from the best friend who calls you out, to a mother who might be craziest of them all, to a sweet little ball of fur. Gaston sees what he wants and goes after it. He doesn’t let Chrissie and her insecurities stand in his way. The story is captivating, and you are there with them through every laugh and every tear. Their story is so enchanting you will not be able to put it down. The perfect book to snuggle on the couch and get lost in their love.