a 2020 Bookcase and Coffee challenge

I love a challenge! I have tried a couple of book challenges. Usually the ones I do best on are the ones that you set the goal of the number of books you want to read in the year and just go! But this year I am looking for something different.
So far for 2020 I have entered only one reading challenge. I set my number of books I plan to read on Good Reads. I put that I would read 100 books. I plan to read more however I have not quiet figured out how to link my Kindle to Goodreads so that it keeps track for me. It only picks up on a few here and there. I am not super good at going back to update Goodreads like I should. But hey maybe this year I’ll be better and figure out the technology.
I did like the challenge over at Popsugar.com (link below). It had some cool ideas. I find challenges like the one at Popsugar good way to help when you are in a reading rut. I often find myself searching for my next read. Sometimes it is because I am bored with my current reads or I have run out of books by my go to authors. I think the challenge will help me explore and expand my author selection.
All that being said I think I want to create my own. So using the suggestions from Kelly over at Bookish (link below) I am going to create a challenge for all my faithful followers.
So, who is in? One of the first steps in all of this is to make sure you have a way to keep track of your books. I plan to use a combo of Goodreads and my bullet journal (which I am new to also).
So here is the challenge for you. Feel free to mix and match and pick from what you want. This will give you a jumping off place especially if you get stuck and not sure what to read next.

  • The house blend Bookcase Challenge:
    • Read a Book Released in 2020
    • A book recommended by a Librarian, bookseller or a friend.
    • Novel that was banned
    • Book with one-word challenge
    • A Book written the year you were born
    • A book with something coffee in the title or on the cover
    • A classic
    • A Book to Movie adaptation
    • A book you can read in day
    • A book that takes place somewhere you have never been
    • A book written by an Author who lives near you
    • A  debut author  
  • A book with a one word title

Want to take the advance challenged try the  Bookcase Latte Challenge:
• A book with a food in the title
• A 2019 Goodreads winner
• A YA Novel
• Book that takes place in a coffee growing country
• A book over 500 pages
• A book based on the cover

Felling a little bitter, maybe slight acidic try the Bookcase Bitter Espresso Challenge:
• Released in the month of your birthday
• A book you saw a stranger reading or checking out (cheat and check out your libraries hold shelves)
• An author with the same initials as you
• A two word title
• A retelling
• A book you never finished

How about a coffee challenge? Would you drink to that? Give our Barista Challenge ago.
• Coffee from a local or small batch roaster
• Drink an Ice Coffee
• Try a cold brew
• Try an espresso based coffee drink
• Try a coffee made from Liberica or Excelsa coffee beans.
• Try Yirgacheffe Beans from Ethiopia
• Try a new way to brew your coffee (Need ideas try the link: https://www.homegrounds.co/the-complete-guide-to-coffee-brewing-methods/)
• Try an Affogato drink
• Try a long black
• Make coffee from beans you ground yourself (once you do you will never go back)

Pick a challenge and report back. I’ll check in as the year moves along and let you know where I stand on my book and coffee challenge. Continue to follow along as I share my reading challenge journey accompanied likely by some bitterness. Make sure you tag me in your own challenge by using the hashtag #BookcaseChallenge , #bookcasehouseblendChallenge #bookcaselattechallenge #bookcaseEspressochallenge or if you are doing the coffee challenge use hastag #BookcaseBaristachallenge.

Links as Promised:
How to plan your own challenge: https://www.bookish.com/articles/2020-reading-challenge/