Power Play by Toni Aleo

Power Play by Toni Aleo

Posey and Boon, oh how I love you! An amazing story of how putting yourself out there and overcoming your own self doubt can lead to the most amazing things! Even if you are new to hockey and hockey romances this will soon to become a favorite. 

Posey the second child and typical middle child syndrome (even though she isn’t the middle child).  She has always felt that she lives in the shadows of her super successful parents and siblings.  Happy to sit back and be on the sidelines Posey decides to take a chance on love.   Happiest calling plays from the sidelines when she comes up against Boon Hoenes.  He wants in on the Power Play while Posey doubts his ability to be a play maker. 

Boon Hoenes, is larger than life on the ice but off he is quiet and keeps to himself.  Recently dumped by his ex fiancé, is struggling with what is next for him.  He decides to focus on his hockey play with the goal to take the Nashville Assassins all the way to the Stanley Cup! His goals are disrupted by the new Power Play coach Posey Adler.

Power Play is the journey of two souls who are destine for love.  Follow along as they must get out of their heads, move past their self-doubt, and into joining their souls.  Watch as the power of love allows two people to come alive and be the best of their selves. 

If you are looking for a fun series with lovable characters and plenty of book boy friends, you should totally check out Power Play by Toni Aleo.  Her characters are relatable and could totally be your sister, best friend or neighbor. She has created a community with in her stories that welcomes you in and maybe sometimes holds you hostage until you finish the book.