Review: The Cabin by Jasinda Wilder

This was a full encompassing emotional read I didn’t know I needed.  I am always a huge fan of Jasinda Wilder and her characters, but The Cabin felt fresh and an unexpected story from her.  I don’t want to give to much of the story away because each page is needed and unique. 

But what you do need to know is this.

Nadia takes her role as caregiver seriously.  It is part of her nature.  She has dedication and drive to are for those around her so much so that it has led to her vocation as a nurse.  Helping to heal, to care and provide comfort are all just part of what makes her special.  The other piece is she loves her husband Adrian with her whole being. It two souls where meant to be it was theirs.  Adrian knowing that his time on Earth is limited puts things in to motion that will hopefully help Nadia’s soul find peace once he is gone.  After Adrian has died Nadia’s grief is all consuming, she is on the verge of working herself to death and dying of a broken heart…… But this is where things get super interesting!    

Nadia’s best friend Tess deserves a special shout out for her love and care of a friend while in their time of grief.  She has a heart and care for Nadia that only a true sister of your soul would have. 

This book was emotional not so much angst, because the characters in this book are on a journey.  The story moves forward in a natural course with out all the drama and back and forth, while Adrian is totally being manipulative from the grave it has purpose.  He knows his wife as well as he knows himself.  Adrian knows what is going to take for Nadia to live again and not die with him. 

This was a 5/5 read for me. I loved this story. I loved the emotions it invoked.  The story telling was amazing.  If you are looking for a strong connection and emotional read, I highly recommend this story.