Review: Southern Heart by Natasha Madison

Steam: 3/5
Angst: 4/5
Trope: Small Town; Best Friend’s little sister; Damaged Hero

I haven’t read this series by Natasha Madison yet, and I am kicking myself for not opening the first 4 books. Madison tells us this story about a beautifully broken hero who has be dealt a crap hand at life and feels that he deserves no more than he is given. He met Chelsea years ago when he came home with her brother Ethan. They served in the military together. Chelsea and Mayson have that instant connection. But Mayson attempting to be noble, and seeing himself as less than doesn’t make a move towards anything. This story is 8 years after their initial meeting, and follows up when she finds Mayson broken and bruised on Ethan’s porch. This story broke my heart in more ways than one. The fact that Mayson felt the way he did about himself, the reasons behind his feelings, and the fact that Chelsea was so confident in her feelings. They all played into their well written and gut wrenching story.