One Way Back to Me by Carrie Ann Ryan

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 60%
Trope: Second Chance; Veteran character, Close Proximity, Co-workers, Winery; Instant Connection
Series: The Wilder Brothers Book 1 
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: 4/18/2022

Carrie Ann Ryan starts off a new series with the Wilder Family.  The Wilder brothers have purchased a resort and are trying to make it work. Eli is the oldest of 7 siblings, (5 of those are his brothers) and he is the one who tries to keep them together.  Each of the brothers is a veteran and each are dealing with their own issues and traumas since getting out of their area of service.  

Alexis is reeling from a divorce that left her in a position she never expected.  She comes in to interview for a job and runs into the man who she had an extremely intense connection with two years earlier.  ON the night her ex-husband proposed.  She never forgot Eli, and the connection they had then only intensifies the longer they are together.  

Eli and Alexis are two people who truly complement each other.  They find that they are better together than apart.  Not that they don’t both have strong feelings and convictions about who they are and what should happen in their live, but in the sense that they are a better person because of the other.  I love the dynamic between these two main characters and all of the siblings as well as the resort employees that we meet.  This series starter has a decent amount of world building, but Carrie Ann Ryan does an excellent job of seamlessly tying that into the main characters story arcs.  

I truly believe that Eli and Alexis are going to be the cornerstones for this entire series because of the way in which they come together, but also the way in which they interact with all the characters.  I am beyond excited to see where Carrie Ann Ryan takes the Wilder Family.