De-Cafe Review: Kiss My Cupcakes by Helena Hunting

Ronan- Known as the lumber jack. Dreams of owning a brewery. Re-branding his family’s bar to prove himself to his Grandfather.

Blaire- Bakery/Cafe Owner. Doesn’t fall in line with family expectations so she breaks out on her own. Lover of 50’s style dresses. HUGE dislike of Lumberjacks

I am usually first in line when a new release comes out for Helena Hunting’s books.  Her stories are usually the perfect mix of fun, steam, and escape. Kiss My Cupcake just did not get me there. I had a really hard time connecting to the characters and the story in this book. 

I usually am a fan of the quirky girl but Blaire was hard to love and easy to like.  Blaire’s family is way over the top, almost too over the top.  This book needs more interaction between all the characters especially since both had involved back stories.  Ronan almost read like the tragic hero who had never experienced any kind of love.  But from what little we do know about him His grandparents loved him deeply.  I know this was an enemy to lovers, business competitor’s trope but it needed another antagonist. 

While this story was not my jam doesn’t mean it won’t be someone else.  I am a huge Hunting fan and I will be back from whatever is next.  This was a 3/5 star read for me.  It is cute and quirky I just felt it needed something more.