De-Cafe Review: Lead Player

Alaina and Enzo

Lead player is an engaging and sweet romance.  It is part of K.Bromberg’s Every Day Hero World. 

The book starts off with some amazing flirting and chemistry.  I was engaged from the beginning! I loved the passion and steam that Alaina and Enzo give us.   Enzo and Alaina seem to be very complex characters and I would have really liked to have gotten to know them more.  Their relationship has lots of passion. But have some baggage and it was interesting to see how that all effected their relationships. 

The friend groups’ interactions adds a lot to this story and helps carry the plot and movement of the story line. You really needed them or there would have been a flatness to the story. I do like the antagonist in the story.  It does give us a chance to see how smart and perceptive Alaina is and how naive men can be sometimes.

The author, Alex Grayson and K. Bromberg are both new to me authors. I read this as a complete stand alone.  This was very palatable and easy read.   It was quick and would be a perfect book for the beach or by the pool.  It did leave me with some questions and wanting a little more of the characters but over all this was a solid 3.75/5 read for me.