Review: Eye Candy by Jiffy Kate

Book 3 in the Fighting for Love Series


In this book, we once again meet Vali, the middle Erickson. He has run away from Dallas for reasons we don’t quite not at first, but once we do, you feel for him. Then we meet Margaret O’Neal. Maggie was homeschooled and has been pretty sheltered for her entire life. She was a late-in-life baby for her parents, and while they were kind and loving, they have a hard time letting her go. Maggie has a couple of secrets that she doesn’t want to get out because she isn’t sure what her parents will say. Vali is only supposed to be in Green Valley temporarily so isn’t sure he wants to pursue anything with Maggie. But the thing with these two is that they have such a strong connection neither one of them can fight it. This slow burn, sweet story isn’t without sad moments mixed in with the funny, and when these two separate you want to cry along with them. Jiffy Kate gives us a heartfelt humorous story that shows just what happens when you meet the other of your soul and when you least expect it

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