We have all had that moment when your blind date walks in and your stomach sinks and you just know the next 2 hours are going to suck.  That moment where you are trying to think of every way you can escape this date. It was the same for Trix.  Her sister Heather is in love with her husband Clay and has made it her mission to pair up as many of her friends as she can.  And her current target is Trix. 

Trix is currently working as an Emergency Department Nurse working in San Francisco.  Having returned home after spending years working abroad with the Doctor without Border organization.  Trix has come home to California not so much as it is home, but she wants to build a relationship with her half-sister.  Life has not been easy for Trix, she is estranged from everyone but Heather.  Opening herself up and maintaining relationship is hard for her.  As Trix stands to greet her Blind Date it dawns on her that she knows the guy.  And when I say knows I mean “KNOWS” the guy. 

Jet walks into the blind date his friend Clay and Heather have talked him to, to be immediately smack in the face with the one person in the whole world he can’t face.  He has spent the last 3 years trying to do his best to forget her.  Trix has a piece of his heart, but she is slow closed off to the world that he knows she is going to break him.  Three years before like a thief in the night he sneaks out of the country with out a word to her.  Jet was working as a Doctor with the same Organization as Trix.  They spent the better part of a year spending time together. Fighting to help save those who didn’t have access to the medical care they needed.  But as time went on Jet realized that he loved Trix more than she loved him, and after a childhood spent begging his parents to love him, he just couldn’t do that with the woman he loved.  So, Jet left.  He walked away without saying a word. 

Now three years later he has returned to San Francisco to build the family and the life he wants.  He happens to be working in the same ED that Trix is. This date will not be their last time running to into.  The hostility Trix has for Jet is palatable. 

Elise Faber writes such great romances.  She always creates these multilayered characters.  They always have such great back stories. The characters always seem to be a bit broken but, in the end, what is broken about them seems to be what brings them together.  Faber’s stories seem to show us no matter how good you think someone has it there can be pain behind the façade.  Faber does the same for us Bad Blind Date. 
Bad Blind Date is a steamy easy read.  You get glimpses of past characters from the Billionaire Club, but this is absolutely a stand-alone story. This was a 4.5 /5 read for me. The only downside for me was I wanted more.  I wanted to see more of their back and forth.  Faber has a great way of showcasing character interaction and I am always left wanting more.