What Save Us by Maggie Gates

A Heartwarming Tale of Healing and Love – “What Saves Us” by Maggie Gates

Maggie Gates continues to captivate readers with her heartfelt storytelling in “What Saves Us,” the third installment of the Falls Creek Series. This time, we follow the journey of Beth Hale, a single mother and the best friend’s sister, and Shane Hutchins, an EMT who is not only her brother’s best friend but also the EMT who delivers Beth’s baby. As we delve into their lives, we discover that Shane is a complex hero, battling the demons that come from being a combat veteran, while Beth grapples with the challenges of new motherhood and postpartum depression.

The beauty of “What Saves Us” lies in its ability to shine a light on the struggles of being a new mom while navigating a new relationship. Maggie Gates skillfully portrays the depths of these characters’ emotions, making their experiences feel incredibly real. Beth’s journey through the haze of postpartum depression is depicted with sensitivity and authenticity, drawing readers into her world and allowing us to empathize with her pain.

Shane Hutchins, the hero of the story, is an absolute book boyfriend. His unwavering support for Beth and his understanding of her boundaries are truly endearing. The chemistry between Beth and Shane is portrayed with an intimacy that is both slow-burning and sensual, which adds a layer of authenticity to their blossoming relationship. Instead of a rapid explosion of feelings, their love story unfolds at a pace that is true to their characters, making it all the more relatable and heartwarming.

The book’s title, “What Saves Us,” is a poignant reflection of the themes explored within its pages. The story beautifully illustrates that sometimes, healing can be found in unexpected places, particularly at the intersection of hurt and recovery. Maggie Gates’ writing has a way of making readers feel the emotions of her characters, and at times, you’ll find yourself experiencing the same feelings as Beth.

“Scars are evidence that what saves us is found in the margin where hurt and healing collide.”

One notable aspect of this book is that while it does contain moments of swoon, the focus on emotional care and support takes center stage. The author’s decision to prioritize the characters’ emotional well-being over flashy romantic gestures adds depth and authenticity to the story.

It’s worth mentioning that Maggie Gates handles heavy topics with great care. The author provides a thoughtful content warning for the book, ensuring that readers are aware of the potentially triggering themes explored within its pages.

“What Saves Us” by Maggie Gates is a touching and beautifully written story that delves into the struggles of new motherhood, postpartum depression, and the healing power of love. With well-developed characters and a slow-burning, intimate romance, this book is sure to capture the hearts of readers. Maggie Gates continues to prove herself as a talented storyteller who isn’t afraid to tackle difficult subjects with grace and sensitivity. This is a story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page, reminding us that sometimes, salvation is found in the margins where hurt and healing collide.

Book Stats:
Rating 5/5
Series: Falls Creek
Interconnected Standalones
Tropes:  best-girl-friend, blue-collar, book-boy-friends, brother-s-best-friend, close-proximity, damaged-hero, danger-stalker-kidnapping, dirty-talker, emotional-trauma, first-responder-mc, friend-group, girl-crush, girl-gang-series, no-3rd-act, pining-for-her, protector, real-body, single-mom, single-parent, slow-burn, small-town
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