Review: Crying Shame by Rebel Shaw

Rating: 4/5
Tropes: Age gap, Brother’s Best Friend, Single Parent, insta-connection Romance.
Pop: 22%

Crying Shame by Rebel Shaw is an Age gap, Brother’s Best Friend, Single Parent, insta-connection Romance. There is a friends to lovers vibe for this book as both Graham and Addyson have a friendly relationship with each other.  I really enjoyed this story.   There was such a thoughtfulness and care to this relationship.  I also liked that as a single parent romance Graham put an effort to connect Noah. 

Graham has never had a serious relationship. Between his job and his family, he has enough to fill his life. He does on occasion date but is always honest that this is not going to lead to forever.    Graham is careful with his words. He doesn’t promise anyone more than he can give. He was a really great guy and I really liked him.

Something changes for Graham when his friend Adam’s little sister and her son have an emergency.   

Addyson is doing everything she can to keep her head above water the last thing she needs is the ceiling in her apartment to collapse leaving her and her son Noah without a place to live.    When Graham steps up and offers his house for them to stay. 

Addyson is a strong, but life is not easy. She is very protective of her young son and wants to give him the world.  But she also guards him.  I liked her character a lot.  

This book had some major chemistry. This was a strong draw between both of them. The pacing of the story was really good, and I liked the care in which they addressed the struggles of dating while being a single parent. My frustration really came with Addyson’s character.  The relationship did progress quickly but she put the breaks on almost every chance she got, worried about how her choices affected her child. The character had not had a lot of luck in the love department and maybe some more background would have helped me with this part of the relationship.  I just felt like her reasoning to be overly cautious was a missing.  The 3rd act drama did not help fill in the missing pieces in my opinion. 

I did enjoy this read and I am loving all the things coming out of Rebel Shaw and can not wait for their next release!