Mine to Take | Natasha Madison

Nobody writes a territorial alpha male like Natasha Madison, and Matthew Petrov is much like his name sake. Most would think Matthew is living the dream he is playing professional hockey and planning a wedding.  That is until he comes face to face with the only woman he has ever loved and she is his wedding planner.  The hilarity that ensues is amazing, and lets be real we always love to see our heroes speechless and thrown for a loop for their beautiful ladies. One of the best things about this second generation but Matthew especially is that they are very close to their parents and don’t hesitate to ask for advice and help.  And the cousins are always there to support and rub in all of their mistakes…Natashas really makes you feel like you are a part of the Stone/Grant/Horton family! 

Sofia is living her dream as a wedding planner with the most amazing ladies, and she is ecstatic to land her first client…until the man that broke her heart walks in with his fiancee. To be honest, I didn’t think I could love a family as much as I love the Stone/Grant/Horton crew but the Barnes family definitely can give Matthew and Max a run for their money.  The relationship that Sofia has with her grandpa and dad is really sweet.  It is clear she is the apple of both of their eyes and they will stop at nothing to ensure that she is not only safe, but happy.  While some might think Sofia is spoiled, she is also an incredibly independent and hard working woman.  

As Matthew and Sofia confront their past hurts and navigate through the next stages of life of friendship and more I love how Matthew never stops groveling.  This man knew he messed up and kept owning, and I love how Sofia didn’t cave or make it easy for him.  Matthew worked hard with his words and actions by showing up for Sofia.  These two have a soul deep connection that is evident from their interactions on page.  And I quickly fell in love with thim.  Add in two crazy families with men that like to one up each other, and strong ladies that are never afraid to tell them they are too extra!  

One of my favorite parts of Natasha’s second generation is getting to see our favorite past characters’ parents and interact with their adult children and grands.  I also have a serious soft spot in my heart for Viktor Petrov so getting sneak peeks of him as a dad made my little hockey romance loving heart so so happy!!! If you like hockey romances, small town, family series, interconnected series, and little teases to next up in a series this book should be a MUST read for you!  The Southern Wedding series is one of my favorites of Natasha’s.  Now, the countdown is on for Stefano and Addison….