Ep 161- You asked We Answer

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Becky is joined by Jenni, Carolina, Heather, and Leah for the first ever Ask Us Anything Episodes.


  • Bookish Pet Peeve  
  • All time favorite Author  
  • Bookish toxic trait  
  • Reasons you DNF a book  
  • What One Book Boyfriend will you go to the mat for and fight to death for to claim as yours  
  • What is one thing you wish your real-life partner did that your book boyfriends do  
  • What are some Ick words in a book 
  • If you could change anything in romancelandia, what would it be and why?  
  • Who were the first 3 romance authors you read and what do you remember loving about those books? 
  • Do you remember your first “romance”  

Book of the Week:   

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