The Faker by Gina Azzi

Rating: 5/5
Steam 3/5
Angst: 2/5
Series: Boston Hawks Hockey #3
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Fake relationship, friend group, family drama,
POV:  Dual point of review 1st person. 

I have been waiting not so patiently for Torsten’s story since Book 1 in the series.  I just knew that once we got to know him that he was going to be a book boyfriend! I love a fake relationship trope.  And this one was done so well.  The passion and steam between these 2 sparks off the pages.

Torsten is a book boyfriend material from the moment we meet him.  He has a kindness about him. His interactions are intentional and genuine. We meet him as his hockey career is basically over, he’s playing his last season because his body can’t take and heal from injuries.  Tortsten however wants to stay in the US and does not plan to return to his home country of Norway. But with travels and demands and his beloved Grandmother back in Norway the process to get his Green Card is providing a challenge. 

Fate just happens to take over, Tort runs into Rielle, a friend of the captain’s sister. Girl he has flirted with and attracted to but has never done anything about it. Until now, when in a moment of weakness and some tequila he finds himself making her an offer.

Rielle is doing the best she can. She feels completely alone and has no one to lean on. She has lost her job, living, and struggling every day to make ends meet.   Faced with eviction, and loans to pay back, she stops in the bar to drink her sorrows away when Torsten comes over to her and they enjoy the night drinking and having fun.

I really can not say enough about this book.  I loved the moments for these 2 and the ending just made the whole book amazing!  There are a few moments of cheesiness between them, but it just endears you more to their story.  I loved how they came together. I also was really drawn to how they resolved their issues and get to the HEA.  It was so well down and written.