Every Time I Fall | by Lexi Ryan

Are you looking for a beautiful small town romance? How about a brother’s best friend romance? Maybe friends to lovers is more your jam? Well this amazing must read book as it all!

Dean and Abbi live in a small town in Georgia.  Like really small.  It seems everyone in their lives are connected somehow.  Dean is Abbi’s older brother’s best friend and business partner.  Dean is stuck in a terrible cycle with his current friends with benefits, he wants more and she does not.  And she is just, well Abbi is just stuck.  She has great friends and is a successful chef in town and her romantic life is nonexistent.  Neither of them are actually happy. 

Abbi is a bigger girl.  She knows it and to the outside world she embraces it.  On the inside, not so much.  Past hurts have left her self conscious and unable to see herself the way others do.   I related to Abbi so very much. My heart hurt for as we heard her inner dialogue and the way she felt everything related to her size and didn’t feel worthy.  Abbi’s journey throughout the book had me standing up and cheering for her! 

Dean see’s Abbi for what she really is, but he has his own hang ups.  He sees himself as someone not deserving of love and his last fling reiterated that for him over and over. His past also haunts him and impacts how he sees himself and how he thinks others see him. The way that Dean adores and encourages Abbi made me love him more.  But most of all, I loved how he didn’t see that Abbi needed fixing.   

When Abbi admits to Dean that she is terrible in bed he offers to tutor her, which will help him get over his ex. These two have harbored feelings for each other for years, so you know it is going to get interesting. I love how they had already built a foundation of trust and friendship before the physical aspect of their relationship took off. And folks, their chemistry was there.  And it was hot. There is a scene in a bathroom that is definitely one that I will remember for a while!  Both characters are imperfect, but are perfect for each other. They definitely call each other out on their crap and build each other up.  Of course, their relationship isn’t without their faults.  

If you love small town romances, character growth, and a couple that shines, then I highly recommend this book! I read the Orchid Valley out of order, but I very QUICKLY downloaded the others in the series!  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do!