Review: Always the One for Me by Carrie Ann Ryan

Rating: 4/5
Series: Wilders #2
Tropes: Family Series, Second Chance, Co- workers, Close Proximity, Veteran,

I am always hesitant going into a second chance romance. It must be done in such a way that make me believe that the couple should absolutely be together.  Carrie Ann Ryan does just this in Always the One for Me. 
Kendall and Evan marry young on a whim in Vegas after just a few days of know each other.  Once they return home to settle into married life it isn’t long before Evan is deployed. The weight of what he is risking and the hurt he could be causing Kendall propels him to make the choice to walk away from their marriage.  He makes the choice to walk away, leaving Kendall unsure and questioning things.

Now working together at Evan’s Family results there are so many things at play that could cause them to be even farther away from one another. 

I really loved Kendall’s character. Her family is legit the worst, but she is doing her best to keep her head down and do what she loves. She is willing to go to battle against anyone including Evan.  Cooking makes her happy. Working for the Wilders makes her happy. She is starting to build a life for herself.  Evan is wild card. She is still unclear why he left and what he wants now. She pushed him and I liked that she did. 

Evan is all grunts and grumbles.  He is not great at talking about his feelings or the choices he has made in the past.  He slowly starts to use his words and open his heart to Kendall.  He isn’t perfect I really liked that about him. I like that he is a work in progress and know it. 

For those keeping Track of All the E’s in the Wilder Family. 

Eliza and Beckett Montgomery- Inked Obsession.  
Eli and Alexis – One Way Back to Me
Evan and Kendall  – Always the One for Me

Still to Come-

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This was a fast read with great emotions within the story.  Both Kendall and Evan are great characters. I am loving the Wilders and can not wait for the next story in the series. If you enjoy large families and all that comes with that I highly recommend this series.