Review: Farm to Mable The Complete Deut by Krista Sandor

Rating: 4.5/5 PoP: 56%  The Complete Farm to Mabel Deut 

Mabel Ruth Muldowney has had big dreams for years and has felt like an outsider in her rural community of Elverna, Illinois. When her brother tragically dies on her twenty-first birthday she believes it is time to live her dreams. However, making dreams a reality is hard work especially when you are pretending to be someone you are not. Callan Honer was Jamie Muldowney’s best friend and together they had their own dreams of making Elvenra something more. When Jamie dies, Cal takes it upon himself to make that happen. 

Mabel seems a bit superficial at first but as we get to know her better we discover she is more misunderstood and guarded. Her and Cal share a connection that neither can deny but really do not know what to do with either. When Mabel finds herself back in Elverna, she quickly becomes the person that might just be able to save the dreams of her brother and therefore Cal. Cal has been working hard to be enough for everyone all while holding a spot in his heart for Mable. The push and pull between Cal and Mabel is funny at times but also needed for each of them to grow. They are both a little bit wrong and both a lot right but have to find out what that means for them as a couple and their futures. 

There is a lot going on in this book. Cal and Mabel both have their trauma and misunderstandings to grow through before they can truly be together. The Elverna Eats initiative is an intriguing and great idea that I wish we would see more of in real life. I enjoy the way that Mabel’s know-how and abilities were the missing piece for the community to get things off the ground. I also love that as broody and stubborn as Cal was, he was a romantic when it came to Mabel. He really wanted the best for her, even when it was costing him. This is a great story and if you read the Nanny Love Match series you get to Cal and Mabel again.