Review: Steele by Sawyer Bennett

A marriage in crisis.  One arrogant hockey player not willing to give up on his marriage.  A wife who feels like an afterthought and strong enough to realize she has to make her self a priority and not continue to be an after thought. 
Romance doesn’t stop just because you got married.  It also matters that both people in the marriage are heard and that their feelings are important.  There is a reason you marry someone but you also need to remember why you fell in love with them.

Jim Steele found out that hard way that when you stop giving priority to your wife you lose her.  To took guts and strengths for Ella to kick Jim out and separate.  Losing Ella and seeing her start to date another guy forces Jim to face some tough truths. 
I really wasn’t sure that Steele could do it.  He had to rewire his brain to make sure his family is his first thought and hockey second.  He had to show that he was all in all the time and not just when it worked for his hockey schedule. 

This story also shows the love of a family that isn’t always blood.  We see how a community loves you and accepts you all the while helping you be a better version of yourself.  This is one of the things I just love about Hockey Romances.  The team is a family.  They are there to help pick up the pieces and cheer you on with your success.  Sawyer Bennett does this amazingly well. 

This was a 5-star read for me.  We don’t get many marriage in trouble romances, but I love them.  I like the added layer of the characters knowing each other so deeply and having to fix what is broken.