Review: Wicked Ever After

Hmmmm I really need a minute to share with you all the feelings I have right now for Wicked Ever After.  I have so many feelings. 

When we finished book one, we know that Pierce “One-Mile” Walker walked out on Brea due to him being needed for a mission.  Book 2 picks up right were it ended.  At the end of Book one you were in just as much shock as Brea.  You know that the momentum of these two is going to be explosive.  But there is so much unresolved between them.  You are just left sitting there with your mouth gaping open like a fish. 

My first feeling is that of anxiety.  I seriously was freaking out on almost every page worried that freaking One Mile was not going to beat the Mexican Drug Lord and that something was going happen to Brea.  I hated every second they were a part.  I felt like that they were safer together. I felt anxiety about Brea being on her own.  She didn’t feel like she could count on anyone.  Every page I wanted to just give her a hug.  She was so busy worried about everyone else.  She needed someone to lean on not necessarily pick her up and do things for her but someone who was emotional there for her not bossing her around.   

Next up so much Anger!   Seriously, I was pissed at her dad.  I was pissed at Cutter.  I was pissed at One-Mile. I was Pissed at ALL of One-Mile’s co workers.  Seriously people needed to pull their heads out of the sand and help a girl out!  One-Mile kind of gets a pass because he was looking for her. 

Finally, I have complete admiration for Brea.  She got handled kind of a shit deal her first time around with a dude and she made the most of it.  She got herself a backbone.  She pushed back against Cutter, her dad, the nasty gossips in her town.  She also came through in the big moments when it counted the most. 

Shayla Black has away of charging up all my emotions when I read her books.  I am so invested in her characters.  You never know when she is going to switch things up either.  Her plots are not easy to foreshadow or pick apart.  I love her books for the twist and turns you take while reading.  Her stories always charge up your emotions to the point you are emotional invested in the characters. Everytime I close out one of Shayla’s books I swear the next story can not be as good as what I just finished.  I loved everyone moment of this book.  It is an absolute solid 5/5 star read for me.  She probably deserves a little extra for the emotional rollercoasters she took me.