“You’re being weird. And not like pineapples-and-olives-on-pizza weird. Why were you dancing with the douche ex? Why am I here with you if you’re going to pretend, I don’t even exist?” -Bishop

What could an anti-social hockey player and an introverted Physiotherapist actually have in common?  It isn’t pizza toppings, that is for sure.  Stevie has lived her whole adult life in the shadows of her brother’s NHL success.  She is never sure if people are her friends because of her or because of they are using her to get closer to her brother.  After catching her boyfriend having sex with someone that wasn’t her on her birthday, she agrees to move into her brother’s apartment. 

Bishop lives his life his way.  Traded to the new expansion team in Seattle he is dealt one blow after another.  His on-ice nemesis, Rook has been named team captain over him.  After Rooks suggestion to the coach Bishop is moved from forward position to defense.  There isn’t anyone he hates more than Rook.  So, when a sassy mouthed pink haired girl moves across the hall from him, he believes the worst of Rook.   

When Bishop take a bad hit during the opening exhibition game and has a major groin pull, he will do anything to get back on the ice as quickly as possible, even work with Stevie.  Things start to blow up with Stevie’s overprotective brother realizes that she is helping Bishop.  But with orders from his coach Bishop is hands off while Stevie is helping in his recovery. 

Bishop is just one of those guys you have dig beneath the layers to find all the best parts.  Bishop loves big and feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is trying to play his best hockey for as long as he can so that he can care for his diabetic brother.  He wants to do all he can to protect Stevie from her narcissistic ex. Bishop has this strong quiet quality that just makes you fall in love with him.  He is willing to do whatever he can to be respectfully of Stevie’s demands, so he doesn’t lose her.  Bishop even goes so far as to try pizza with olives and pineapple on it.

Helena has given us another hero with a huge capacity to love.  Bishop will quickly be added to your book boyfriend list.   Do yourself a favor and order a pizza and snuggle under the blanket and enjoy A Favor for A Favor.

I give A Favor for a Favor for a full pot of coffee! This is the best read of 2020 so far.