Review: Game Changer by Kelly Jamieson

Jackson Wynn + Molly Flynn = a Flynn-Wynn

Find out your Fiancé is a cheating jerk the night before your wedding justifies a huge dramatic scene at the wedding and a runaway bride. Not sure the best choice is to run away with your former fiancé’s teammate, but that is just what Molly Flynn does!

Kelly Jamieson has magic in her stories.  I am always so impressed how she comes up with a scenario and you aren’t sure you are going to find it believable but by the end you are completely rooting for the couple.  I wasn’t sure that I would love this story or how these two could possibly find love when it starts out with one of them getting married.  While I love the Wynn family series it was so nice to see a glimpse of the Chicago Aces, some of those stories are my complete favorite hockey romances.  Even though there isn’t any interaction but to just read the name Army or Duper made my heart happy.

Jax is super closed of strong silent type of hero.  Molly is completely   a touchy feely, be in touch with your heart but not over the top.  I really liked these two together. They challenged each other and force them to see the world differently.  I like the Jax had a chance to see his family with a more mature and open heart.  Friends to lovers can sometimes be a hard trope to pull off and make it believable but Jamieson makes it believable and you are rooting for them 100%!

This was a 4.5/5 star read for me. I loved the very end, but I had a little issue with how it came about.  But over all you should absolutely read this!