Review: Learning Curve

What a perfectly sassy and quirky read.  I am going to gush over some of the best characters in recent memory.  I loved every inner thought, every reaction, all the dialogue, and interaction in this story.  There was not one character that didn’t live up to the spirit of this story.  This was my first venture into reading Molly O’Hare and I am so glad I did.  I need all the laugh out loud snarky moments.   

Spencer Hurley is sex on a stick.  Not just because he has “yum yum lines” but because he is fiercely in love with his daughter.  He is so loving and kind to her and that just ticks up his score.  Ellie Ryan is the teacher we all wish we had.  Her unconditional acceptance of her students and their difficulties makes her golden, plus her funny whit and snarky nature just keep you loving her.  Her love of baked goods and willingness to kill over an empty pot of coffee makes her my hero!  Spencer’s daughter Belle, as just the right amount of little kid spunk to keep you giggling.  Best friend Sally, Ellie’s school principal, Elle’s parents and Spencer’s dad Randal, just add to the hilarity of this story. I would be remiss if I didn’t give the star of the story, Roxy the dog her own mention. 

While this story is sweet in funny there is just enough sexy to add to the hot factor.  Spencer is all about building Elle up and helping her realize what an amazing sexy woman she is.  I love them together.  You just feel the love and connection seeping from the pages.  It all makes for the perfect fun flirty summer read. 

This was a 5/5 read for me.  I really hope Sally gets her own story because there is some spunkiness that I need to read!