Trusting Cassidy by Susan Stoker

Rating: 4/5
Tropes: Single Mom; Protector; Second Chance; Slow Burn
Pop: 63%
Series: Silverstone book 4
POV: 3rd Person

This is perfect ending to this four-book series.  Leo “Gramps” Zarnardi is on a mission to save Cassidy Hewitt and her son.  Cassidy and Leo went to school together, but there were a few years between them. They both had feelings for the other but didn’t move forward with those feelings.  After school, Cassidy got married, had a son, got divorced and took a job in Jamaica which turned out to be a nightmare.  She has gotten letters out to the FBI and Leo and the rest of his Silverstone team take this case.  Leo has a personal stake in this because Cassidy was the one that got away.  Even though they never got a chance to start. 

What follows is Susan Stoker’s formula.  And I always find comfort in that.  I know going into one of her books, the hero and heroine are going to get together work on their relationship then the baddie is going to show up.  This is no different.  What is a little different is the storyline with Mario.  This is the first time that Stoker has introduced a child of Mario’s age, and the way in which she writes his storyline flows through the story works so well.  Leo’s care and dedication to Mario from the get-go is in line with the type of hero that Stoker writes, and it isn’t disappointing at all. 

The epilogue in this book, since it is the series ender also follows her typical role where we get those years out and moments from each couple.  And the relationships between the families holds strong and true even years later.  IF you haven’t read Susan Stoker before, this is a perfect series to start with because it is only four books so you get can get a good grasp of her style without having to dive into a long series.